Trust, convenience, and care are three things that we provide to our patients every day. We know that choosing a pediatric dentist is a big decision. Your child’s dental health is so important, which is why we are dedicated to upholding our values with each visit.

Knowing that parents trust us to care for their children’s smiles is a heartwarming feeling. Our dentists are passionate about what they do, and they truly care about the health and well-being of every patient that they meet. We aim to make trips to the dentist, dare we say it, fun!

Dr. David Moore made the decision to open a office in South Charlotte after learning that parents were seeking a more convenient location for pediatric dentistry. We are proud of how far our Waverly location has come since opening their doors in the fall of 2016. Our Waverly Grand Opening gave us the opportunity to meet many new families!

Parent feedback is crucial to our growth. We are constantly striving to make a better pediatric dentistry experience for our patients and their parents. We have made tremendous strides in growing our Waverly practice to provide the same great care you’ve come to know and expect at our other locations. Here’s what some parents had to say about our new Waverly office.

From a happy parent and child after a great visit

The staff at Charlotte pediatric dentistry in the new Waverly location were excellent. Not only is the facility top-notch but the friendliness and knowledgeable staff above and beyond. That combination makes for great patient care. My son Parker wore his sticker with pride the rest of the day and the following. He talks about visiting the dentist office there all the time. Thank you for your excellent care. -Parker B.

From a parent that needed convenience

We love CPD!!! My kids have gone to the Billingsly location for 3 years and we’ve always loved every visit! We just went to our first appointment at the new location in south charlotte and it’s so nice! We love it! It’s closer to home and everyone is awesome!!! My kids get excited to go to the dentist ❤️ -William D.

From a mom with a tight schedule

Today was my daughter’s first dentist appointment and it could not have gone any smoother thanks to an amazing staff at Charlotte pediatric dentistry at Waverly! -Alisha M.