We’re excited to announce that Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is expanding – again!

Part of our mission is to consistently provide the highest standard of dental care possible. We strive to accomplish this with convenience, pediatric dentistry education, and open lines of communication.

Building trust and relationships is what our success hinges upon. We take your needs and requests to heart, which is why we’ve decided to open a sixth location at Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry!Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry exterior of office

Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry Partnerships

In order to provide a well-rounded, one-stop-shop approach to pediatric dental care, a partnership had to be considered and enacted. Dr. David Moore has a selective process with how he chooses partnerships for his dental offices. He knew the expansion of the practice to Harrisburg had to be done with care and precision, which included the methodical selection of a partner to help fulfill the mission of the practice.

Our successful partnership with Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics in Davidson spurred the decision to continue the partnership in Harrisburg!

Parent & Patient Feedback

The feedback of parents throughout the community helped guide Dr. Moore to the decision of opening the Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry location. Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics shares our belief that parent feedback is crucial to serving each family that chooses us as their pediatric dentistry care provider.

Your voice helps guide us to build long-lasting patient relationships and provide the best pediatric dental care throughout your child’s formative years. Our goal is to make each appointment productive, relaxed, informative, and even fun! See how we’ve been accomplishing this for families all over the Charlotte area by browsing our parent testimonials.




Make an Appointment

Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry is slated to open in the Fall of 2018, but they are currently accepting new patients. We welcome you to come by during business hours for a tour and an opportunity to meet your new Harrisburg pediatric dental team!