It’s not uncommon for your child to not want to brush their teeth. However, just like taking a bath or eating their vegetables, it must be done. If you’re struggling with getting your child to brush their teeth, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has tips to help!

3 ways to get your child to brush their teeth

If you’re tired of fighting with your child to brush their teeth in the morning or before bedtime, try using some of these tips to get them brushing!

1.   Brush together

Monkey see, monkey do! Oftentimes our kids want to do everything we do. Start brushing your teeth together in the morning and at night to establish a routine and spend some extra time together before school or going to sleep.

2.   Let them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste

Grocery stores and supermarkets often carry toothbrushes and toothpastes with popular movie and television characters. Bring your kids along with you to the store and let them select the character they like on their toothbrush, or the flavor of toothpaste. This will make them more excited about brushing every day.

3.   Make it a game

Play their favorite song or set a timer and encourage your child to brush for the duration. The longer they brush, the better they do in the “game”. If needed, introduce incentives to get your child to brush. Small prizes like toys or getting to stay up an extra ten minutes can motivate them to keep on brushing.

If you need more help keeping up with your child’s oral hygiene, reach out to the experts at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry.