If you’ve ever visited our office, or any dental practice, you’ve most likely noticed some hardworking individuals in the exam rooms operating equipment, helping with procedures, sterilizing instruments, or assisting with office paperwork. These invaluable team members are known as dental assistants.

Caitlin, Ashley, Chelsea and Heather at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry Gastonia

The Gastonia Crew

This year, March 7 – 13th is Dental Assistants Recognition Week. During this week, we want to recognize our amazing dental assistants for all of their dedication to their job. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is lucky enough to have great dental assistants as part of our team, and without them, our practice wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does.

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry University Team

The University Team!

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is celebrating our great dental assistants for their commitment to our practice and their devotion to our patients. These team members show up every day to work hard and help patients – and their parents – feel great about their dental health. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they put their own personal health on the line to help others.

The Waverly team at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

Our Waverly Team

The Job of a Dental Assistant

What does a dental assistant do? Well, there’s not just one answer to this question. In most cases, a dental assistant is charged with several responsibilities that require a broad scope of skills. Dental assistants are required to have the people skills needed to interact with patients. They must have the administrative skills to manage the business office of the practice. Most importantly, dental assistants must have the technical skills to assist dentists with procedures such as fillings, crowns, or extractions.

The Cotswold dental assistants for Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

The Cotswold Crew

You may find a dental assistant standing beside you in the chair  handing instruments to the dentist, or operating machines and equipment. They may take dental impressions for your night guard, or you may see them finishing up prepping the exam room before your appointment.

The dental assistants at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry Davidson

The Davidson team

Vitality of Dental Assistants

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry recognizes not just our dental assistants, but every dental assistant, for all of their diligent work in their field. Dental assistants are a necessary part of any strong, successful dental practice.

Don’t forget to thank a dental assistant during Dental Assistant Recognition Week! Give Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry a call.