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Credentials, experience, and associations are extremely important aspects to look for in a pediatric dentist. What makes one stand out from the other? WHO they are. Our Doctor Spotlight series allows our tiny patients and parents to get a glimpse into the doctor’s lives. Come get to know us!

Dr. Miskovich joins Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Miskovich joined the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry team in 2007! She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Micromolecular Biology and Microbiology from University of Central Florida in 2011. She then headed northbound and earned her DMD degree from the University of Florida in 2015.

Dr. Miskovich will be serving patients at our Gastonia location. During dental school, she used her expertise and generosity for a great cause by helping children receive dental care in Honduras and Jamaica orphanages. She is an avid animal lover and proud supporter of the Florida Gators. We are excited for our community to get to know Dr. Miskovich!

Why did you decide to focus on pediatric dentistry rather than general dentistry?
I enjoy taking that extra step to make a little one’s first visit with a dentist a good one. It takes extra patience, but it is extremely rewarding to bring a smile to a child’s face who may have been a bit nervous to come to see us.

Have you always wanted to be a dentist? If not, what did you want to be as a kid?
I knew I always wanted to be in the medical field, however, it was not until college when I was volunteering at a children’s camp (and at the same time getting braces again) when I realized my true passion for dentistry and working with children.

Dr. Miskovich and team

Why did you choose Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry?
It was a stroke of fate I would say. I fell in love with Charlotte and all it has to offer, but once I met all of the wonderful doctors I would be working with I was sure that this was the place for me.

Dr. Camilla Miskovich

Do you have kids?
Yes, they are furry and have tails! Their names are Chloe and Cupcake and they are looking forward to one day having human siblings.

What are some of your "tricks" to help ease kids' fears about their dental visits?
I tell them a story of a yucky Sugar Bug that made a home in their tooth and how Mr. Whistle and Ms. Thirsty will help me catch the Sugar Bug and send him to “Sugar Bug Jail.” That usually gets a child’s attention and eases their fears.

Dr. Miskovich Spotlight loves her morning coffee.

What's the best part of your day?
My morning coffee outside on my little patio with my pets preparing for the day ahead, especially if the weather is great!

Dr. Miskovich spotlights a few of her favorite things.

What's your favorite kids' show?
Hands down “Paw Patrol.” I like how all of the dogs have charming personalities, cute little jobs, and fears that they overcome.

What's your favorite color?
Any form of turquoise - it reminds me of the ocean and Elsa.

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, what’s your favorite sweet?
Yes, a very big sweet tooth. I love a good buttery sweet fruit tart… Yumm!

Dr. Camilla Miskovich's family

Do you have role model or a mentor? Why do you look up to them?
As much of a cliché as it sounds, my role model is my mother. She has taught me to treat everyone with respect and always remember to empathize with others. She is strong, hardworking, and kind.

What is something you are passionate about outside of dentistry?
In my spare time I enjoy yoga, volunteering at local animal shelters, and watching movies (I have seen most movies out there!).

Dr. Miskovich is a gators fan.

Do you have a favorite sports team?
Go Gators!!! Already looking forward to all the rivalry talk and banter!

Finish this sentence: When I was a kid...
….I avoided bedtime and naps like the plague. Things have changed since then!

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The entire staff was so warm and friendly. It was my little guy's first dentist appointment and they were so patient with him.
— Jenna M.
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