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Your child was playing, or by some freak accident, their baby tooth got knocked out. This could be really scary for your child (and you), but it’s best to remain calm and follow these tips from Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry.

What to do when a baby tooth is knocked out

It’s not uncommon for a pediatric dentist to receive a call from worried parents in this situation. Most often, there’s no reason for panic, but it’s important to see your dentist right away once you’ve ruled out any reason for a visit to the emergency room or pediatrician from the trauma. If your child’s mouth is bleeding from the lost tooth, have them bite down on a clean, wet, and cold washcloth as a compress in the area of the lost tooth to reduce swelling and stop the bleeding.

Once you’ve controlled the bleeding and calmed your little one down, find the tooth. When your child’s baby tooth is knocked out, do your best to locate the tooth and bring it with you to the pediatric dentist. Finding the tooth eliminates the risk of your child swallowing or choking on it. Your child’s pediatric dentist can also examine the tooth to determine nerve damage.

What to expect at the pediatric dentist

Once you get in to see the pediatric dentist, they will assess your child’s tooth damage based on their age and which tooth was knocked out. If your child is older, the pediatric dentist may recommend dental radiographs, or x-rays, to further determine any nerve damage and see if there was any impact on the unerupted permanent tooth. These x-rays will also help the pediatric dentist determine if any jaw damage occurred.

Most often, a pediatric dentist will have you treat the situation as if the tooth fell out naturally while the permanent tooth develops. In some cases, like a younger child or if a molar or incisor was knocked out, your child’s dentist may recommend a spacer. A spacer helps keep a space open for the permanent tooth when it’s ready to come in. Another option may be what’s known as a “pediatric partial.” This is often chosen by parents of preschoolers who have had a front tooth knocked out at an early age. These are replacement teeth which are attached to the back teeth with orthodontic bands and are removed when the permanent teeth begin to erupt. They are usually not medically necessary, but are a cosmetic option.

Contact Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

If your child has a baby tooth knocked out, call Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry right away so we can assess the damage and determine the right course of treatment for them.

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