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As soon as your children start teething, it’s time to start thinking about their dental hygiene and the prevention of tooth decay. When a cavity, or hole, develops in a tooth, this is the result of tooth decay. The process of tooth decay starts with an infection of acid-producing bacteria in a child’s mouth. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has tips on how to help parents prevent the tooth decay process in their children!

4 ways to stop cavities in their tracks

At two years old, most children have a mouth full of teeth. It is imperative that as a parent, you make sure you’re taking steps to prevent tooth decay.

Brush regularly

Your child’s teeth should be brushed for two minutes, two times a day. Teach your child good brushing habits by letting them brush their own teeth, but until they are seven or eight years old, you should help your child brush.

Use fluoridated water and toothpaste

Fluoride, a natural mineral, is added to water and toothpastes to help prevent tooth decay. Check to see if your tap water is fluoridated and make sure that your child is drinking it regularly. You can find fluoridated toothpaste at your local supermarket, most often flavored for your child’s enjoyment.

Don’t share utensils or cups

Did you know that bacteria can be passed through saliva? Parents may not think about it, but children’s cavities can start by the sharing of spoons or cups when feeding. This also applies to cleaning off a pacifier in your mouth before giving it to your child.

Don’t skip on dentist visits

Most importantly, schedule regular appointments with your child’s pediatric dentist in Charlotte. Twice a year, take your child for dental examinations to check for decay and remove dental plaque.

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