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Bringing your child to see the dentist twice a year is not the only component to great oral health care (though we applaud you for that major step!). Continuing to practice dental health habits at home is the majority of the equation, so we have tips to help your child keep their pearly whites looking bright.

Brush at least two times a day


You probably hear this one a lot. We stress the importance of 2min2x a day because of the rate that plaque accumulates in your mouth. Plaque calcifies in your mouth overnight, which can lead to buildup that causes gum infections over time. Always brush right before bed to ensure that sugars and bacteria do not sit on your teeth overnight to keep your smile healthy. Brushing in the morning will remove the remaining plaque that grows naturally while you sleep.

Brush all the way to the gum line


Plaque and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the tooth and near the gum line. Brushing all the way to the gum line will help remove plaque to prevent gingivitis.

Give your tooth a hug with floss!

Give your tooth a hug with floss

Floss daily in a "C" shape to remove food and bacterial plaque from between the teeth. Think of it like you are giving the tooth a hug with the floss. Also be sure to use a clean portion of floss with each tooth so that you don’t spread particles from one tooth to another.

Brushing & flossing the reluctant child

We know that toddler toothbrush time isn’t always the easiest task. Laying a smaller child down to brush and floss allows for easy accessibility to the hard to reach places, especially for the less enthusiastic child. Check out this first-hand video for tips and technique.

Make brushing fun!


Making tooth brushing time fun is what we do! Make brushing and flossing time fun by playing a song that children will enjoy! Make sure the song is at least two minutes long to ensure proper brushing time.

Do you have any tips you would like to share or have any questions? Live chat with us right here on our website to share!

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