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Oral health education is one of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry’s most important values. We believe that education for our staff and patients is essential for optimal pediatric dental care.

We strive to pass down our values to our patients and hope that their time spent with us reflects in their dental health habits as they approach adulthood. For one of our long-term patients, completing her internship at CPD was a no-brainer. Her experience with us through her childhood resonated with her enough to choose us for this incredibly important experience.

Abby Gribble, a dental hygiene major at UNC Chapel Hill and former patient of CPD, spent some time with us this summer, honing her skills and immersing herself in all things pediatric dentistry. During her internship, she exuded professionalism and compassion with children, and was an exemplary part of our team.

Abby Gribble, a dental hygiene major at UNC Chapel Hill

Why did you choose CPD to complete your internship?

The only dentist I went to as a child was CPD, so when I needed an office to shadow this summer, the bright and happy office and smiling staff of CPD that I remembered as a little girl was the first place I thought of. As I consider my future career, I know combining working with children and dentistry most appeals to me, so CPD was a perfect fit.

What did you learn while job shadowing at CPD?

While shadowing at CPD, I learned greeting patients and parents with a welcoming smile goes a long way. Some children are nervous about coming to the dentist so helping them feel safe and comfortable is key. It is also important to explain that they need to take care of their teeth by brushing and flossing at home because often children don’t understand what cavities are and what can prevent them.

Abby Gribble with the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry team.

What are you looking forward to as you pursue your career?

I am excited about actually being able to start working on patients because now that I’ve seen everything I’m ready to actually try doing it myself. I am also excited to work with children in the future, and this shadowing opportunity has helped prepare me for that.

Interning at CPD

Our doctors consider it to be an honor when students choose CPD for their job shadowing experience. Dr. Moore had the pleasure of working directly with Abby, as he does most of our interns. Below he shares his farewell wishes for each intern, as well as some updates for future interns.

“We have always invited interns to our offices and every summer we'll have 2-3 throughout the practice. Many are former patients, which is the highest compliment for the practice, and the others are often referred by other dental practices.

This summer we will experience time with 3 interns.  Abby was at Mallard Creek and she's enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program at UNC. Mallory is at the Davidson location, and she is interested in dentistry as a career following her graduation from UNC. Jay, who moves between the Mallard Creek and Billingsley locations, has graduated from Appalachian State University and hopes to attend Dental School in the future.

My hope for Abby, as it is with them all, is she is inspired by the experience in our practice and with our incredible group of doctors and staff to the point that she will be even more motivated to embrace dentistry as a career.”

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