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As babies your children drool a lot, even more so when they’re teething. The drooling stops as they get older, but the mouth continues to produce saliva. Everyone produces saliva in their mouth, and while it may seem gross, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry wants to remind you that it’s quite beneficial for the human body.

What is saliva?

Saliva, commonly known as spit, is produced by the salivary glands and is composed of mostly water and a few other chemicals that the body creates.

Benefits of saliva production

Saliva has three important jobs: makes food easier to swallow, aids with digestion, and helps keep teeth and gums clean of food and bacteria. Without proper saliva production, your child might have trouble getting down food or fighting cavities.

Saliva protects your child’s smile

Additionally, saliva acts to maintain a healthy pH balance in the mouth, which is important for preventing dental enamel erosion. Acidic food and drink can deteriorate tooth enamel, making the teeth weaker and more susceptible to temperature sensitivities, discoloration, chips and cracks. Saliva combats these acidic foods and drinks. It dilutes the acid and protects the enamel by coating the teeth in protective calcium and other minerals.

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Most school-age kids have no issues with saliva production and have just the right amount. However, sometimes a person may produce enough saliva. This typically has an underlying cause like medications or treatments being taken or some kinds of chronic diseases. If you have questions about your child’s saliva production, don’t hesitate to reach out to Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry and schedule an appointment.

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