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Routine dental hygiene visits are important for your child’s dental health. Each child’s needs are different, and we tailor each visit to meet those needs. There are some important basics of a hygiene appointment that we want to share with you. Knowledge is key to patient comfort and care in and out of the dentist’s office!

Review of Medical & Dental History

Your dental health affects your overall health, so we take the time to discuss your child’s previous medical history in order to determine the best course of action moving forward. Now is the time to let your pediatric dentist know of any previous and/or current medical conditions or concerns.

Thorough Exam

Before the hygienist begins performs a cleaning, they will give your child a gentle, thorough examination. They will closely examine the teeth and gums to identify any potential problems, and ensure that things are progressing normally for their age. Digital and/or panoramic x-rays may be given to further examine tooth and jaw structure.


After the exam is given and the hygienist has a better understanding of your child’s dental needs, they will proceed with a thorough cleaning. Your hygienist will explain the tools used to ease any anxiety your little one may have. We use terminology that is fun and exciting (Frozen juice, Batman tooth, etc.)!

Discussion & Education

After the exam and cleaning are complete, your hygienist and pediatric dentist will give you detailed instructions and explanations for continued care.

Because we are a child-centered practice, we explain things to you and your child in a way that makes them feel at ease. Our goal is to provide education that is valuable, accurate, and comforting to you and your child.

Q&A Session

We always want parents and their kids to feel comfortable asking questions before, during, or after an appointment. Our entire team is there to help you, so if any part of your child’s treatment is unclear to you, please ask! When we are all on the same page, your child gets the best care.

Dental Hygiene at Home

At the conclusion of your child’s appointment, the hygienist and pediatric dentist will give you follow-up instructions to help you maintain a regular oral hygiene plan for your child. If you have a difficult time getting your little one to follow through with proper brushing and flossing, we can provide helpful tips and tricks to get them back on track (without making it seem like a trying task for your child).

We’re now serving five different locations in Charlotte! Contact us to book a hygiene appointment in Gastonia, Waverly, University, Davidson, or Cotswold today!

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The entire staff was so warm and friendly. It was my little guy's first dentist appointment and they were so patient with him.
— Jenna M.
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